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  • Default .htaccess script to fix 404 error
    Here is default script approved by for .htaccess file. This will fix 404 error from your website for sure: 
  • How to run Auto SSL on GoDaddy cpanel hosting?
    Finally, GoDaddy has introduced a free SSL certificate in few of their shared cpanel linux hosting platform. It is now available for free from Deluxe and above plans in some markets. Earlier, it was only available in “Web hosting plus plans” and “Maximum cpanel hosting plan”.  You can check for this plan in your area […]
  • Is reseller business hosting profitable?
    When it comes to earning money online, “reseller hosting” is considered as one of the best and unique way. People who do this business are called resellers and they act as retailers like we see in mom and pop shops.  Reseller hosting is when an individual or a small company buys server space in bulk […]
  • Fix GoDaddy Managed wordpress website redirecting to
    It has been observed that sometimes after restoring GoDaddy Managed wordpress website, it start redirecting to temporary domain name myftpupload.comFortunately, there is very easy fix for this issue.  Reason for this redirection in managed wordpress website?   Reason of this redirection is change in domain name in database tables. This is a technical error at […]
  • GoDaddy introducing daily backups in cPanel hosting platforms
    Finally, good news for all godaddy hosting users. GoDaddy already has daily backups in their managed wordpress hosting plans and from April 18, 2022, all cpanel hosting users and business hosting users would have an option to restore their website. Continue reading for more details! When is this happening?  As per news coming out from […]
  • How GoDaddy is changing business model with Russia and Ukraine
    GoDaddy along with other tech giants are slowly pulling their plug out of Russia. After recent events, GoDaddy also have changed their business model with Russia.  What has changed for Russian GoDaddy customers GoDaddy says they don’t condone the actions of Russian govt:  and have removed new registrations of .RU domains and domains.  They […]
  • How to fix “This Connection is Not Private” error on Apple macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6
    Recently, macOS 11.4 and iOS 14.6 impose some new requirements on publicly-trusted SSL certificates which were issued on or after April 21 2021. In general, as a website owner you don’t need to worry about this change, as it’s your certificate authority’s job to stay abreast of policy changes and provide you certificates which are […]
  • How to install an SSL certificate on cPanel linux hosting at GoDaddy or other providers
    Some of us might not know what SSL is, but hackers and spammers do so SSL should be installed on every website whether it is eCommerce website or not. Also, SSL may help you to rank your website up in google results and google also encourages website which have SSL certificate installed in their search […]
  • How to force-redirect wordpress website from HTTP to HTTPS automatically
    Once you have installed your SSL certificate, you will need to redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS to make sure it passes through SSL certificate. There are few ways to do it:  Edit .htaccess file in your hosting serverIn order to do this, you need to open file manager of your hosting. It will […]